MBS is the perfect place to improve your social and academic skills, while having fun at the same time!

I have now studied International Business and Logistics in Metropolia for almost a semester and I would like to share my thoughts about studying in MBS. I decided to study International Business in Metropolia, because I’ve always wanted to live and work abroad and I thought MBS would give me the best implements for this. My sister studied European Management and Administration and I remember her exact words: “Studying in Metropolia Business School were the best years of my life”. This gave me even more confidence that I would enjoy studying in MBS.

Having studied for around three and a half months, from my experience, MBS does give students great tools on how to succeed in the future in the business world. The studying includes so much more than exams and written papers. In MBS students are taught extremely valuable skills that will be very important in the future when it comes to finding a job and triumphing in the business world. Students are taught how to brand and market themselves, how to network and the importance of it, how to write good CVs, how to work in group, how to learn better presentation skills and how to perfect them.

While studying in MBS I have learnt a lot about working in groups. In the business world it is extremely essential to know how to work in a team, so I am really happy that MBS acknowledges the importance of teamwork and learning not only, how get along with different kind of people, but learning how to bring out the strengths and best out of not only yourself, but also others when working in groups. I like the fact MBS grants social skills plenty of value when studying and gaining skills.

I think it is great how with studying in MBS you can end up working in almost anything. The introduction to International Business studies in Metropolia’s website for example states: “Graduates of the IBL programme have started their professional careers with job titles such as: Procurement Specialist, Freight Forwarder, Logistics Coordinator, Supply Chain Analyst, Customer Service Specialist, Sales Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Finance Specialist or Manager, Business Analyst, HR Specialist, Project Manager and Entrepreneur.”

I also really love the community and atmosphere. The community feels like one, big family. When needed, you know that you can turn to your classmates or teachers for help and support. Also there are so many events and parties, bringing fun to the studies. The events and parties make sure that studying does not get too dull.

 I also love how international MBS is. While studying, because there are students from all around the world and MBS is so international, you gain a better understanding of different cultures and make friends around the world, from fellow students and exchange students. Also communicating, studying and working with people from so many different cultures will give students great social skills they can use in the future in the global business world.

So my thoughts about studying in MBS are: so far, so good. I’ve already learnt and gained so much and I cannot wait for all that is ahead of us, such as the exchange year and work placement. If anyone is thinking about studying business and dreams of working and living abroad for example, I would strongly recommend MBS, it might be the place just for you!

Written by Liina Uusitalo

Editor: Trang Dang