Randi Zuckerberg NBF 2019

by Ulfat Shah

Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, Randi Zuckerberg has a lot of titles entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, award-winning producer and found and CEO of Zuckerberg Media. Randi worked at Facebook and invented Facebook Live. She is currently hosting weekly tech business show called Dot complicated. Theater and music are passion of her life; She said during her speech at second day of Nordic Business 2019.

Early age and education, she graduated from Harvard. Randi travels the world, speaking about the technology & entrepreneurship. During her speech on the NBF event she talked about the personal branding, creation of biggest and boldest ideas & bringing these ideas on table.

During her work at Facebook as she created Facebook Live, on very first live show only her parents were the viewers. After three months it was great pleasure & honour for her that President Obama was using this. About live video she said this means creating of curiosity, People feel that they have missed something special. During launching of Facebook their strategy was exclusivity, launch step by step, from few schools and then more, people come to beg them gave Facebook, this was also the element behind success of Facebook.

Personal branding, Randi said that we are all media companies today and how we can figure out our personal branding. First identify your three most memorable traits, second three most value able skills and thirdly combine these into a catchy phrase.

Taking big risk being an entrepreneur and permission your self to fail are most essentials for a successful business entity. Quitting from job was her biggest risk, she added. On the lighter note she advised women to use guy’s name for success as her name Randi looks like. She also praised Finland having the best social systems for working mothers.

Her speech contained characteristics of dynamism and clarity and was also audience oriented. She had variation in style and tone as she sang. It was a great addition to her speech and presentation.