Sara Blakely

by Ulfat Shah

“I pledge to invest in women because I believe it offers one of the greatest returns on investment.”  (Sara’s World.)                          

A visionary & powerful female entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Spanx Sara Blakely. She created foundation with the aim of empowering women and signed The Giving Pledge. She added; “With this pledge my goal is to make the world a better place…one woman at a time. (Sara’s World.)

A billionaire and successful woman engage in business and society development specially empowering women. One of the best speakers at Nordic Business Forum 2019. On second day of the event she delivered her speech. An ambitious woman having great personality warmly welcomed.

During her speech Sara Barkley told about her education and early working life. She wanted to follow her father and become trial attorney.  She also tried for Goofy but was told that she is too short to wear the costume. After a short time working at Disney World, she left job & returned to home. After then she started selling the fax machines and this continue for seven years. During this job as a sale person interesting and funny experiences were shared including few police escorts out of buildings.

The reason behind becoming an entrepreneur she said that “a frustrated customer became a successful business woman”. Sara Blakely added that do not sell what, sell why. Offer someone they need it. About the invention she said that invent a product which give feel good to some. Ask why, it helps to learn more and more. People stop asking WHY because they do not want to expose that they do not understand and want to avoid embarrassment.  Getting over the fear of embarrassment is behind the story of her success.

“Fear of failure is the massive road block to becoming entrepreneur”. Feel free to make mistakes because if you will make mistakes after than you will be able to make invention. Create corporate culture which provide opportunities everyone to be free to innovate. Sara gave credit of her success to her father who always encouraged his kids to fail. Taking risk is key of success for an entrepreneur, “Then & Now is the result of not feeling fear of failure” she said.

Her natural way to talk and delivering speech are impressive & remarkable.