International student life in Metropolia – moving from Spain to Finland

By Irini
European Business Administration student

Hello Metropolia Business School!
My name is Irini and I’m a first year EBA student. The past months have been great and I’m more than glad that I chose Metropolia Business School as my study place. Our class has more than 10 nationalities, mixed with different cultures and backgrounds. I find this fascinating and I think it gives you so much knowledge and understanding.

So, I thought why not interview one of my dear classmates Diego, who moved from Spain to Finland for his studies last fall. Isn’t that great! I’ve been curious to ask him these questions and hear more about his thoughts and experiences on moving to totally different country and culture.

Tell a little about yourself, what’s your name and where do you come from?

Hello my name is Diego, I am from Spain, a city called Aranjuez that is 45 km from the capital Madrid. I am 19 years old and I am currently studying in Finland. I have an older sister of 22 who is studying law and another younger brother of 14 who is in high school, I also have a dog, he is a Labrador and his name is Sacha.

Why, how and when did you decide to choose Finland as country to study? Did you think about it for a long time?

 It’s a long story, I started Telecommunications engineering in Spain, it was very difficult and I didn’t like the university degree. One day my father was watching a TV program called “Spaniards for the World” and saw a boy studying at a university in Finland. My father was so amazed with the education system, he started looking for information from universities in Finland. My father told me that if I wanted to go to Finland to take an entrance exam to the European Business Administration (EBA) university degree and also to get to know the city, so last year my father and I travelled to do the entrance exam and I was lucky enough to pass it. Today I am studying EBA and living in Finland. I am very happy and grateful to be here.

Did you have any expectations of Finland before moving here?

Yes, Finland is known for the high level of education, the people are honest and the country in general is very quiet, without delinquency.

From where did you hear about Metropolia?

From my father, he was the one who discovered this university on the internet.

Have you been satisfied with your studies in Metropolia so far?

Yes, totally, Metropolia is a place where I can improve my skills and learn from new people and subjects.

Is it popular in Spain to go to study abroad?

In Spain people don’t usually speak much English, the only way I find it helpful to study English is by going abroad. Many people try to study abroad but it depends on the economic level of the families.

What tips and advice you would give to those who are thinking about coming to study in Finland?

My recommendation is that you are open to new experiences, that you make friends, and that you work day by day to get good grades.

Is there something what you wish you knew before moving to Finland?

 I would have liked to know that everything would be fine, since at the beginning I had many doubts about whether I would adapt well or not, but today I am very happy. J

What have you liked the most in Finland so far?

The people I’ve met, since I really like to learn from them. Also to be able to know new places and unique experiences.

Last but not least, have you got more comfortable with the lunch timing and did you already taste salmiakki?

The schedule of eating is still difficult for me because here in Finland we eat very soon, little by little I am getting used to it thanks to my colleagues because I eat with them, I have to say that the timing lunch in Finland is much healthier than the one in Spain. I have tried salmiakki but I don’t like the taste very much.


Thank you Diego for this interview! I’m more than glad to hear that you have enjoyed your living and studies in Finland.

It was a pleasure to get to interview Diego and hear his answers to my questions. It’s such an advantage to have so many cultures in my class and in our school. Every school day feels like a new life lesson, there are always stories and experiences shared from all over the world.

For anyone thinking to come to study to Finland and Metropolia, go for it, you will not regret it at all.

Diego in Lapland December 2019