Your choice will affect your future – choose Metropolia

By Emiliia Zemskova, IBL transfer student

Your choice now is important. Your choice will affect your future life. Your choice now costs a lot.

I would like to suggest that you read my post. After that, you can decide in which university you want to apply.

I am a transfer student to International Business and Logistics (IBL). In my background, you can find studying in Jyvaskyla (Finland), Ontario (Canada) and now in Metropolia (Helsinki, Finland).

I chose Metropolia by chance. I did not know that this university could give me more than others in Finland. Let’s follow my path and I will explain why I think my choice, made by chance, was amazing …

What I like in Metropolia? 😱


This is one of many key components that should affect your choice of university. In Metropolia Business School, teachers are all highly educated and professional with very interesting backgrounds. I haven’t had any boring lessons in Metropolia!

❤️Buffet lunch

It sounds weird, but I really appreciate this because Metropolia suggests healthy, tasty and different food everyday. Metropolia’s cook can make pasta, burgers or pizza special for you too.

❤️International study coordinators

They are open to you and always ready to help you with any problems that you could have during your studies.


Students are motivated and ready to collaborate together. Group work becomes a pleasure. This is something new, that you do not need to write someone and remind him or her about your group project. Everyone remembers his / herself about group studying


Metropolia has a lot of partners, with whom you also can be a partner! Metropolia works with big and small companies and helps them to find talents between our generation. Tutors write about open work-placements which students can apply to and start to work and earn money before graduation

❤️Metropolia’s stuff

If you have any problems with your laptop, or even if you don’t have a laptop, Metropolia’s HelpDesk can help you! You can borrow laptops, calculators and other stuff for your studying or you can use them in Metropolia’s campuses just like borrowing books from a library.


Do you think that studying at university could be boring? Probably, you are right, but not in Metropolia’s case! During the semester you can participate in many events organized by Metropolia or its partners.


Metropolia has several campuses. All of them are based in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Almost whole life in Finland goes in Helsinki and in surrounding areas (Espoo and Vantaa). This location presents you with more opportunities for networking: getting a job, friends or your future wife / husband.

❤️Exchange programmes

Do you dream about living in America, Africa or in another county in Europe? It becomes possible with Metropolia university! There is a huge amount of exchange programs with half- or one year length.

❤️Family atmosphere

Everyday I wake up with pleasure and smile, because I know that today I will have interesting and useful lessons at my university, and in afternoon I could eat tasty and healthy lunch. During breaks I could talk with other motivated people, who want to reach something more in life.

I know that Metropolia could be better than it is now, but everything in the world could be better than now. Metropolia improves itself a lot, creating new opportunities for students, using innovative products and ideas and doing a lot of sustainable work.

I am happy, that I am a student of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences 🙏

Thank you Emilia and good luck in completing your studies with us!