“Will I Get a Chance To Pray?”

By Nurudeen Mohammed, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences student.

I am Mohammed, a first-year student studying International Business and Logistics in Metropolia University of Applied Science. I remember the day I got my admission letter, when I opened it, I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy, because at long last my dream is finally becoming a reality. Suddenly, something struck me and I started to think. How am I going to practice my religion? How are people going to react if they know I am a Muslim? Am I going to be welcome in this place which will be my new community or home? Will I get a chance to perform my daily prayers? I heard that lectures can last a whole day, so would I have a chance to perform my salat in peace and in a focused mind without other people looking at me or pointing fingers at me? Would the administration or the school staff allow me to pray? All these questions were running through my mind. I just paused and said to myself: “God knows best”.

School started. During one of our orientation days, one of the lecturers asked if anyone has any questions. I gathered courage and asked a question; “Is there a place where I can perform my prayers because I am a Muslim?”. I thought when I say I am a Muslim people will look at me in different way or manner. None of that happened. Rather I could hear voices saying that is a good question. Some of those saying it is a good question happened to be Muslims with the same concerns: if we could we perform our prayers.

What surprised me was the answer the lecturer gave me, she said, I quote; “Yes of course there is a place which is built purposely for religious people”. When she said there is a place for religions people, I was thinking it is just a normal place or some corner under the stairs like at my former workplace. I decided to go and see what kind of place it is. To my surprise, it is a well-arranged place, peaceful and calm to pray in peace. And it’s just in the middle of the school. That totally changed my mind and I even felt a bit ashamed at having the fears in the first place.

In conclusion, if you are a Muslim who is not sure, which University to attend and to be able to practice your religion in peace and calm, I can recommend only one option. Metropolia University of Applied Science is the right place for you. All in all, I will say it is a place open for everybody, irrespective of your ethnicity, religion background, race or your skin colour. I never regret choosing the school.

Thank you Narudeen for sharing your wonderful experience at Metropolia!