My ”Unik” Visit to Unikulma

By Nico Fenz, European Business Administration student.

My first year at Metropolia University of Applied sciences is now half done. It has been a great but at times stressful experience. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time here so far. In this article I am going to share my thoughts on visiting Unikulma for one of our projects.

It was a cloudy September afternoon when my group and I decided to visit Unikulma, the company we have chosen for a project in European markets and business practice course. Unikulma is a healthcare company, which sells everything that makes you sleep better.

It is hard to find enough useful information about medium-sized companies, so we decided to get in touch with the responsible personnel and ended up getting a tour through the facilities of Unikulma by the CEO and founder Vesa Tuominen himself.

Mr. Tuominen was very talkative and provided us with a lot of useful information. It was also great that every group member got an opportunity to use Unikulma’s Uniklab®. Uniklab is a mattress containing pressure sensors which can read one’s body structure and recognize what kind of mattress you need in order to sleep the best possible way. Even without this measurement system Mr. Tuominen was able to recognize a lot about our sleeping habits just by looking at our posture or the way we walked.

Then we continued our tour to Unikulma’s factory where we got some interesting insights of the manufacturing process of a tailor-made bed and the storage methods. We also went to visit Unikulma’s offices. There we had a great live demonstration of the mechanism behind Unikulma’s steadybody sheets. Vesa used a piece of fabric which was made the same way as their sheets and demonstrated how they transform electricity into heat.

It was a great experience being a visitor at Unikulma’s facilities and having the opportunity to ask every kind of questions straight to the CEO.

Without visiting Unikulma it would have been way harder to get access to the required information and we would have also missed a great opportunity of finding out more about sleep in general and about our own sleeping habits.

Thank you Niko for sharing your company visit experience and good luck with your future studies!