What is it REALLY like studying business?

By Katariina IBL19

One thing leads to another. After our first semester ended, I couldn’t believe how much information I’d managed to gain! Before my studies, I didn’t really know where to go, what to study and what I would really like to do in future. My interests spread widely to different subjects, and I have never really thought that there’s only 1 thing that I should do. I feel like being not an expert but a worker in many different areas suits me the best and is more fun than being an expert in only one thing.

I have found business studies very versatile, which is great for my interest in different fields.
Although I found that everything we are learning is connected to each other, there are so many
DIFFERENT things to study and learn!

Interview – What is business like?

I interviewed three of my classmates about their own experience and feelings about their
business studies. It was really nice to see that we all share the same kind of thoughts! Here are
my questions and the answers from my dear classmates, Liisa, Miisa and Sonja:

#1 What do you feel business studies have brought you at such an early stage?
Lots and lots of new experiences, in school and outside of school (For ex. Slush, Kaljaasi). Really
nice new contacts and friends! The first semester really showed me a glimpse of business studies altogether and I cannot wait to continue! I also feel like I’ve gained more courage to perform, talk and go to different events. This school and the city are new for me, so everything has really been exciting!

New friends, got rid of from stage fright, have made new contacts and more opportunities to get
to be part of different events and conferences. It really does not feel like “only a school”, I feel
like this much more – new sources and fields into my life.

A vision of what I could do in the future is overwhelming. Group tasks and courses have really
helped me to see what business studies are all about!

#2 What has been more fun or worse in business studies than in your previous school?
I went to high school before my business studies, and I feel like University of Applied Sciences
is more open and free form than high school. Studies in business feel like a very wide field of different things, this helps me to keep my motivation – I can really do so many things as my future job! These studies are way more international than high school and I really like it!

I went to high school and the best thing in business studies is that it’s not so complicated
as in high school – no different and non-related subjects. Everything is connected in business studies and everything is more based on us, people and their interactions with each other, communication. I feel like people in business studies are more open to interact with each other, everybody is free to join! (Unlike in high school..)

I went to high school and graduated, but here in the field of business I feel it’s much nicer
to get to do things my own way, because I have the freedom to do that. This helps us a lot in the

# 3 How important are business studies to you?

Business studies are so wide, so I feel like I can really get to do different things in the future.
This is important to me, because I’ve always felt like I really don’t know which direction to go
to, and business studies give me more idea of what I’m capable of.
These studies are really important to me! I just honestly want to get good grades but it’s not that
simple all the time. Trying my best!
The first semester was crazy! I feel like I’ve learned so much in such a short period in my life.
These studies are super important to me and they have brought me more new perspectives to
different things and have helped me understand the World and different situations much
better than before!

Altogether I really feel like the other business students in Metropolia and I share the same
kind of thoughts about business studies. We’re like a big family of overwhelmingly nice and
open business people – it feels so good to step into our welcoming school, every single day.