Positive Side of Study Remotely

Written By: Katja Ahopelto

Edited by: Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18

During these exceptional times of remote studies I have found many positive sides about studying at home

1. No travelling from home to school and back as my home is my office!

No back and forth travelling means extra time for sports or whatever hobby makes you feel more relaxed. As well, I have more time for my kids and I can always pick them up on time and no need to book babysitters.

Having more time for hobbies and other free time activities means less stress and more energy and in general better moods.

2. I’m not a late or absent from classes as everything is happening online, it is possible to join anywhere from the world.

In case of child’s sickness or whatever reason they would be at home, it is still possible to join classes and not to miss teaching.

3. I have learned new skills and usage of various applications. This is useful in the future in a working life where remote work options will be more common than ever.


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