Metropolia Business School Internship Stories: Kai Hofer

By Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18

Who are you? What did you start to study at Metropolia Business School and what do you study?
I am Kai Hofer, 23 years old and currently doing my double degree period abroad in Bilbao, Spain. Previously I have studied Management renewable energies in Munich, Germany.

I have started with the EBA degree in 2018 because I have made an internship at a university of applied sciences in Seinäjoki, Finland and decided to quit my studies back in Germany and wanted to experience a full degree in Helsinki. Studying in Finland and especially in Metropolia gave me a better understanding of what education and teaching are about with extraordinary teachers and methods which encourage you to learn and develop yourself, Finland made such a great impression on me that I am sharing this experience with everyone I find here in Spain who is interested.
I am currently doing my exchange in Spain and thereby focusing on economics which is my major.

Where you are now ? What is your internship about? How is the overall internship experience?
My internship was in a company called “Swappie”. A Helsinki-based company which is buying iPhones from companies and private customers repairs them and then distributes them all around Europe. I started there as a production specialist which was more or less a position everyone started in and then I was able to specialize in areas that have been the most interesting for me like market research for the German market, outbound of products, and customer service.

I was able to receive more and more responsibility with my time progressing there and working in a startup environment was definitely worth and a great experience. I even consider starting my own business or work in such an environment after my studies are done.

Do you have any tips and tricks for students who are looking for an internship?
Focus on your strength and what makes you special. If you have skills in social media, marketing or you know a valuable language, just text the company you would like to work for, they normally have open positions which they just don’t promote. Be self-confident!!!!

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