Metropoliabiz Student Stories: Snabel Kassem

Hello 👋🏻

My name is Sanabel I’m 21 years old I study International business and logistics at Metropolia university of applied science for 2 years now.

Studying in Metropolia is such an opportunity to be part of an international environment most of my classmates are international which is interesting. My favourite courses are accounting/accounting management and procurement I’m more a practical person than theoretical.

One of the reasons why I love studying in Metropolia is that the university not only focuses on theoretical and standard methods of teaching but also on projects, seminars, etc.

Even during the pandemic, we continued to have a group works via Zoom. In each project, we choose a project manager who is responsible to divide the tasks and create the Zoom meeting. Based on my experience, I can say it went really nice almost all my classmates that I worked with were collaborative and professional.

On the other hand, studying remotely was more stressful and challenging, I get more motivation during contact lessons it’s just given me more energy to interact with teachers and understand the topics clearly. The positive thing in remote studies is the time flexibility which we have some courses. We don’t need to be online in specific time because teachers posting podcasts and materials to Oma/Moodle, we can watch them whenever we have time. Besides my apartment is quite far from Metropolia, I need around 1hr 30 min to arrive at university so via Zoom I was able to save 3 hours each day. To be honest, I can see a future for virtual study I’m confident that some things will remain the same even after Corona.

Things to take into consideration in remote group work:

1- Choose the people who have the same motivation as you, same goals and aims.

2- Always Be active in your group.

3- Try to do more than your group expects with keeping in mind that in some cases the workload may be different for each member  and that shouldn’t be a problem as long as everyone did their parts 👍🏻

Written by: Snabel Kassem
Edited by: Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18