Metropolia Business School Internship Stories: Minna Tuittu

By Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18

Hello! I am Minna Tuittu, 3rd-year IBL (International Business and Logistics) student from Metropolia, and I started my studies in 2018. What a ride! During this autumn I have been specializing in logistics.

I have a placement in Finnish freight forwarder company called Varova. I started as a trainee till September 2021. This internship has been an informative experience, even though it hasn’t even officially started yet. For now, I am an assistant for our international road import team, but from next year onwards, I have customers of my own as I am filling-in for someone who is on longer leave. This will be an invaluable learning experience and opportunity for me to use and deepen the knowledge I have gained by studying these past three years. This is what I do most of the days. While I’m still learning the ropes, I’ve been e.g. trying to keep up with our import booking and enter the bookings to our system.

This is my work station. I put all the programs and confidential things away, but I use both these pages to do my work
This is our office, from my point of view. Varova moved there at spring and our Loikka office is quite new. There is max 20 people at office at this time and Corona safety is emphasized.

My tips for applying for an internship is: 

Be proactive – this is something no-one else will do for you. So start early, even if just looking for places and companies you would be interested in.

Furthermore, If you have some company you would like to have your internship in, try to find a person to contact regarding the possible internship position. In my experience, general e-mail addresses rarely bring any results. 

Also, put some effort into your CV and cover letter. I had an advantage of having quite a long work experience, but first and foremost “I can do”- attitude will go a long way. Incorporate your strengths into your cover letter and tell the company why are you interested, and why should you be considered.

Further information:

Find out more about Minna’s career path in LinkedIn!