Metropoliabiz Exchange Student Stories: David Cabezon

Hello dear reader, I hope you are having a wonderful snowy experience in Finland! My name is David Cabezon (friends call me “Day”) and I am a 21-year-old Double Degree exchange student from Spain. I am coming from the University of the Basque Country and I am currently doing my studies at Metropolia Business School. 

I came to Finland at the beginning of August 2020 and the journey so far has been otherworldly. Although I am studying EBA, I am a multi-faceted individual who adores everything from arts to science, who craves knowledge in all shapes and forms and I am also a self-proclaimed dreamer as I believe we all should explore our inner boundaries and curiosities. If someone would have to describe me, three words they would use would be passionate, driven and non-conformist. I am a people’s person, I love sharing my expertise and ideas with other like-minded individuals and helping them unleash their potential as I believe we all hold a talent inside. I consider myself a creative person, who loves writing, acting and circus and who believes that creativity can be achieved through entrepreneurship in new and exciting ways. So in simple words, I consider myself an atomic wanderer and soul who is ready to challenge life and enjoy my time on this planet to its fullest. I am also an entrepreneur and I am currently working on creating my own company. 

If someone would ask me why I decided to embark on the unknown waters of entrepreneurship this is what I will tell them, and of course, I hope inspires people looking on following similar career paths.

“You may already be familiar with these reasons, but they truly summarize why I decided to live a life of entrepreneurship."

I believe challenging the norm is one of the fundamentals of my lifestyle and how I was raised by my parents. I already came into this world challenging the norm as I happen to be a twin. Now that I mention that I am a twin, this business idea is brought to you by me and my twin brother. So, why should I want to embark on an uncertain adventure rather than sticking to a commonly safe job and live without risks? Well, I believe that my personal and professional goals can only be obtained through a job that I can create, where I can say work and passion connect and have a healthy relationship. Another reason would be to say that I want to live a meaningful life, where I can feel that every milestone on the way is achieved through the things I love the most doing.

Moreover, a reason that all of you may have heard of is “to be my boss”. I want to be able to be me, unapologetically me in the workplace and my career, without having to rely on someone to tell me what my worth is. I know my worth and I have permitted myself to have it. The final reason would be to change the beauty industry by creating something disruptive and innovative and this way transform the lives of individuals all around the globe. 

So, after explaining my background and journey, the main reason why I chose Metropolia UAS as my destination was mainly because of the world-class education and Finnish startup ecosystem. If I tell you that another reason I came to Finland to study was to get inspired by the nordic touch and design I would not be exaggerating. This experience has been life-transforming as I did not stop participating in events, trips, student organizations, incubator programs, entrepreneurship societies and so much more since I came to Finland. 

Although the online experience does not allow me to fully enjoy the lectures as it is quite a strange situation for all of us, I have had the privilege to enjoy some face to face lectures since I came here. The education system in Finland is healthier and more practical than in Spain. Each lecture is like a knowledge boost that you are given each week and I personally really enjoyed the marketing and finance lectures. I feel that they do prepare students for real-world situations and the bonds with some of the professors have been surprisingly pleasant. 

In my opinion, each one has its blockbuster type of experience. I am sure everyone would agree that Lapland is the place to go, but as I haven’t been there yet, I would say that the craziest experience so far was when I went to Turku’s Archipelago the next day of my arrival without a plan and we camped on top of a rock while the full moon lightened the night and we witnessed one of the most amazing sunrises ever. At MBS, the best experience was being part of METES and being one of the winners of the Hatch Incubator Program 2020. I am also the marketing manager and part of the board 2021 of LaureaES. My recommendations on this specific matter are to do your research and participate in all the amazing student communities available. About the online experience, the healthiest advice is to try to have all your lectures outside, at a coffee shop, museum, library, you name it. Also, try not being late on your assignments and organizing them properly. 

A tip for the winter months: buy as many lights as you can. Decorate your apartment as if it was Christmas all year round, cause the darkness outside can get to you. To all the newbies coming to MBS, dare to thrive, to explore, to find yourselves and to make the most out of this time and experience. Your 20s are the most important years of your life and making right and smart decisions can define your future more than you think. You will find a family, a community and a place where your intellectual curiosity will be stimulated.

Explore the city, the architecture, every glimpse of light and darkness that come with the seasons, the wilderness and the raw nature, meet people, learn from stories, get to know entrepreneurs, fellow students, give yourself permission to fell in love with the culture and the essence that this mysterious yet wonderful country has to offer.

I hope you will experience Finland through my eyes and yours too and that it will be a transforming experience for what you are meant to be.

Written by David Cabezon
Edited by Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18