Metropoliabiz Internship Stories: Katariina Sorkkila

Interview by Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18

Who you are and about your story in Metropolia Business School ?

My name is Katariina Sorkkila and I am a third-year International Business & Logistics student, majoring in marketing. I started my studies in the year 2018 and now I am hoping to graduate in December 2021! Currently I am doing my internship as a marketing trainee in a company called Ework Group, which head office is in Stockholm, Sweden.

What is/was your internship? How is/was the overall internship experience?

Ework Group is a market leading, independent consultant supplier in Northern Europe with focus on IT, telecoms, technology and business development. Company has offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, UK and Finland, and its shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. I started here in January and I will work here full six months. So far my experience has been even better what I expected. Already from the beginning, when I had my interview, I got a feeling that this company has a lot to offer me. Even though, I am a marketing trainee, I have gotten to know many other functions inside the company. In the end, I want to learn as much as I can from my internship.

Although Ework’s operations are rather small in Finland, I see a huge growth potential here. I am lucky to be in this situation where I can be a part of growing the overall awareness of the company.

My daily tasks include for example coming up with a social media plan and implementing it, reaching out to a new potential clients, planning webinars, helping the sourcing team, contacting people and overall producing content. My daily working language varies from Finnish to English and Swedish, depending on what I am doing. Every day is different and I enjoy that a lot! I have a possibility to come and work at the office in Helsinki city center or alternatively stay home and work remotely from there.

Do you have any tips and tricks for students who are looking for an internship?

Especially now with the pandemic going on, it might sometimes feel like a mission impossible to get an internship. Therefore my first advice is, no matter how cliché it sounds, to be patient and determined. Keep sending out those CV’s and cover letters! First, I got super stressed about getting an internship, but then I realized that stressing is not helping me at all. Cliché again…but true!

Go through LinkedIn, job section in OMA and apply for companies that are not even specifically looking for anyone!

And one more thing, always aim for a paid internship and do not be afraid to ask that!  But if the internship is unpaid, remember that it is only maximum six months of your life. That thought helped me to understand that we are doing this for the experience and for our own future. After this you have the experience that every company is asking for!

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