Metropoliabiz Student Vibes: Sofiia Vasileva


I’m Sofiia Vasileva – A second-year EBA student. I really enjoy studying at Metropolia UAS. The main advantage for me personally is the opportunity to work with international students and international teachers. We have lots of teachers who come from the US, the UK and other countries. Many of them are native English speakers.

Since I’m studying at the double-degree programme, most of the courses are mandatory for me, but there’s also a wide selection of electives. For example, during the summer I took a personal-branding course, which is a treasure for every business student and future employee. Metropolia gives me a great opportunity to try out courses from different aspects of business, including management, finance, accounting, marketing, communication and so on, and to apply this knowledge to real companies and cases. In one of the courses, we even worked with LIDL. It is also required to take language courses, and it is possible to study some of the languages (for instance, German or French) even with native speakers. I took two French courses, which was great preparation for a double-degree year abroad.

One of the main reasons I’ve applied to the EBA programme is that the exchange period is two semesters, not one as is usually is. And after that, every EBA student will receive a diploma from the partner university.

Studying remotely has been challenging for everyone, but I would like to point out the level of organization and support that I received from Metropolia. Distance learning at my programme is performed at a very high level. Luckily, we can still arrange group meetings via Zoom with my classmates, while working on school projects and some teachers also provide one-on-one online consultations for the ones who require some additional help.


  1. Try to have your camera on during online lessons even when it’s not mandatory. It really helps you focus.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your classmates/teachers/coordinators. Everyone is very friendly and try to make the studying process as smooth and efficient as possible.
  3. Research all the extracurricular activities and courses that Metropolia provides. You’ll definitely find something to your liking!

Written by Sofiia Vasileva
Edited by Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18