Metropoliabiz Student Vibes: Elina Kastrati

My name is Elina Kastrati. I am a second year EBA student in Metropolia.

So far applying to Metropolia has been the best choice of my life. Metropolia Business School has really good and understanding teachers. The way they have taught us is so simple yet so rich with the necessary information and I’ve always gotten extra help if I’ve needed it. 

My favourite courses for the past two years have been: communication for global business taught by Louise Stansfield and every subject that has included management, especially foundations of management taught by Daryl Chapman.

Studying remotely definitely has been challenging. In the beginning not meeting the teachers and not having classmates around me had impacted my mental health so much that it affected my motivation to study.

When I realized the pandemic was going to take a long time I started to focus on making myself feel better so my studies would not be affected.

I made my study environment much more relaxing and made sure there is always some snacks close.

Group works are more difficult too. It is much more simple when we have a meeting face to face rather than zoom. However, everything still goes fine. Even though it has been difficult there are definitely good things about studying remotely.

For example:

  • Having a peaceful environment at home
  • Endless amount of snacks
  • Being able to carry zoom anywhere anytime
  • Not being late from anywhere
  • I personally have MS-Disease so it has been so much easier dealing with my health at home because walking is difficult for me sometimes

The three tips I have are:

  • Make yourself a comfortable study environment, and not lay in bed. Chances are you’re going to fall asleep. So make sure you sit.
  • Remember to take walks outside every day because being home constantly affects your mental health negatively which will affect your motivation to study.
  • Always have snacks (healthy ones) around. It makes you feel better even when you feel tired of studying remotely ❤

Written by Elina Kastrati
Edited by Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18

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  1. Louise S says:

    Thank you Elina for being so candid about your study experiences. A brave story and some excellent practical tips for our students. Thank you for your contribution to our blog.


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