Realizing this school offers so many opportunities for the future

Have you ever struggled with how to network with your field’s specialists and maybe get a job? A great way to achieve goals in your career is to choose Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

I decided to apply to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences because of the versatile study options and interesting major subjects. I am currently studying marketing in the bachelor administration program and I am majoring in digital marketing. At Metropolia University of Applied Sciences you’ll learn more about for instance how you work in projects, about your performance skills, and teamwork. Yet the best thing in Metropolia is to get acquainted with different kinds of companies.

The trainee-program is an essential part of the University of Applied Sciences studies and it gives an employer a good opportunity to network with Metropolia’s amazing students, and it is a great way to get more work experience in your own field and get acquainted with the people you work with in order to expand your network. The internship gives you valuable experience of your field and might even give you a job when you finish your internship. The extent of the trainee program is approximately five to six months which equals 30 credits. You can also do the trainee program with several different employers but in my opinion, you get a lot more out of it if you stay the whole time with just one employer. The internships are normally paid and based on an employer contract. The students get their own traineeship and then the contract gets approved by your teacher to ensure that necessary job requirements and objectives are fulfilled.

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I did my internship at a marketing and advertising company TBWA Helsinki and it was a valuable experience. All of my colleagues were a delight to collaborate with and I am grateful for the opportunity to get an inside look at the marketing and advertising world, see how marketing campaigns are created, and help TBWA’s functioning in whatever way I can. I also appreciated the chance to take part of to various workshops and different kind of hubs in the field. I improved my marketing and communicational skills as well as IT skills through work in TBWA and learned campaign and social media skills. It was an interesting opportunity to be able to write briefings for the external and internal website. I also honed my editing and proofreading skills and certainly felt like a useful member of the team.

An internship and a degree in business gives you advantage when you apply for your first job in your own field. I am very thankful that Metropolia University of Applied Sciences support to take challenging internships and the teachers even give advice and assistance on choosing the right internship for yourself. After the internship you have to write a report, where you tell more about your internship, for example what you learned and overall about the work tasks and workplace.

All in all, if you are interested in studying business and if you are interested in expanding your professionalism, I can strongly recommend applying to the BBA program at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Remember to follow Metropolia on Instagram and LinkedIn also, and don’t forget to apply by 31st of March in the joint application system. Check out more information on Metropolia’s website at

P.S. The school offers versatile opportunities on how you carry out your degree and I also recommend checking out the Metropolia Business School as well. If you want to study in English, it gives you great completeness to broaden your language skills. Good luck with the application period!

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Written by Erika Rajaharju, liiketalouden tutkinto-ohjelma