Exchange studies – One of the best opportunities Metropolia provides

Studying the field of business at Metropolia does not only offer you a tremendous opportunity to enhance your future work life. It also allows you the opportunity of a lifetime to experience life in another country from a whole new perspective.

Going on exchange is one of the best decisions you could make while studying at Metropolia. With 60 partner schools on all six continents, you can apply for a chance to study almost anywhere in the world. Moving to another country is a massive step but going on an exchange you can have the experience of living abroad in a convenient way.

Speaking from my own experience, I applied for exchange to Vancouver, Canada. I was fortunate enough to be accepted for an exchange to my first selection. Based on my own experiences, I have listed the benefits I gathered from exchange studies.

Photo: Mika Liikala

See the World

The most significant reason why you should go on exchange is the opportunity to see the countries of the world that you are interested in! With exchange studies, you will experience a whole new country to see the sights and experience something completely new. Even though being in a new country is exciting on its own, you can also travel while travelling. By selecting courses to fit your schedule, you could have long weekends to see neighboring cities, destinations, and countries.

Further your Education

With 60 different partner schools, there are also 60 different unique schools that offer courses that are not necessarily available elsewhere. This means that you could take courses that are not available in Finland in any academic institution along with experiencing alternative approaches to learning.

Get out of your comfort zone

Exchange studies are a brilliant way of personal development. By leaving your comfort zone and taking care of yourself, you will develop yourself more than ever before. Different destinations can be easier to adapt to than others. It can be as easy as going to a neighboring country or going to a country what you know nothing about, and you do not speak the language.

Experience new cultures

With the wide range of different countries and cultures to choose from, you have a chance to experience completely new cultures. The further you go, you will find exotic new culinary miracles, traditions, social atmospheres, and customs

Improve your linguistic skills

By putting theory into practice, you will learn new languages and become more confident with your linguistic skills in a language you want to learn!

Meet new people from all around the world!

By going to a certain country, you will not only meet new and exciting people from that country. You will also meet other exchange students from all around the world. This means that you will meet a lot of new people and gain memories that will last for a lifetime. Not to mention how useful international contacts are in case you are interested in working, travelling, or further studying abroad.

If you are in a position that going on exchange is possible for you, you should seize the opportunity and apply. That will be one of your best decisions since starting studying.

Written by Mika Liikala, liiketalouden tutkinto-ohjelma