From being an open university student to becoming a degree student

Metropolia Open University of Applied Sciences is also a way to becoming a degree student. If the joint application has ended or you are not quite sure what is the right degree programme for you, then Metropolia Open University is an excellent option. It is easy to choose open studies according to your interests, if you do not yet know the degree that is best for you. You can also study at the Open University and seek admission as a degree student. You can choose individual courses via path studies as an alternative pathway to the degree or module studies.

I applied myself through the Open University to become a degree student. The joint application was no longer in progress and due to my situation at the time, I decided to apply to Metropolia Open University of Applied Sciences. I studied for a year at the Metropolia Open University. The other Open University students and I studied together with the degree students. We were part of a group of degree students, so we didn’t feel at all like outsiders – quite the contrary. As an Open University path student, you are just as welcome at student events as degree students!

I completed two 30-credit modules during my year in Open University. The modules included undergraduate studies in the first year of the degree programme in Business Administration (tradenomi). At the end of the year, an interview was held for degree applicants. After the interview, I received information about my admission as a degree student. After that, I continued to study with the same status as the degree students, which means I chose my specialization. I am now in my third year and specializing in leadership and development of the work community. I have had an opportunity to go on exchange – which unfortunately had to be canceled due to COVID-19 – and choose from elective courses according to my own interest. So far, I have succeeded in my studies as well as I expected.

However, when registering for the Metropolia Open University, it is important to remember that it is subject to a fee and does not directly lead to admission as a degree student. You need to be motivated and it is important to remember to be a self-starter as well.

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Written by Oona Velin