Metropoliabiz Student Vibes: Anastasiya Diadichenko

Hi! I am Anastasiya, a 3rd-year EBA student, currently completing my double degree year at the University of LaRochelle.

Now that I can compare two different universities, I can surely say that studying in Metropolia has allowed me to gain relevant and advanced knowledge in the Business field, as well as allowed me to develop a set of extremely useful skills that I am using both in studying and at work!

Teachers from all over the world with professional backgrounds bring different perspectives and study activities, which is also a large perk. Last, but not least, fun and motivated international students definitely make this place even better! Distance learning has definitely been a challenge for many of us. While it allows us to stay in PJs all day, it is also very difficult to remain motivated. I definitely enjoy the flexibility remote studying provides me with. This way I can navigate my own time and create my own schedule.

But at the same time, lack of socialization and not being able to see university friends is definitely discouraging. Surprisingly though, group works are the easiest when it comes to remote learning. It is easy to get together in Teams and begin discussions and preparations, no need to physically meet in the same room.

Tips for you:

1) Find yourself a study group (aka motivated nerdy nerds who enjoy studying), this will help you in exam preparation and keep you motivated.

2) Communicate with teachers in case you are late with an assignment, have questions or worried about something. The sooner you will come to them with the issue, the earlier and easier it will be resolved.

3) Healthy sleeping and eating habits and exercise will help you to get through it. Remember, kids, stay hydrated!

Written by Anastasiya Diadichenko
Edited by Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18