Metropoliabiz Student Vibes: Emilia Järvisalo

Hi, my name is Emilia and this year I’m turning 25, which actually has given me a small age crisis😂. I’m a first-year student in the International business and logistics program. I’ve lived almost my whole life in Finland, few years abroad in the United States and I’ve travelled quite a bit with my family and friends. 🌏🌸

I think that MBS was the right choice for me at this moment, I love how international our group is at school and everyone is always ready to help each other. ✨

And about school and courses, to be honest, most of the courses have been great, but I need to say that my ultimate favourites so far have been the communication courses, finance and economics, business math 💸📈 I’ve been fond of finance, math and economics as long as I can remember so it has been nice to notice that these topics are still at school my favourites. And with our communication courses, I think we have gone thru a lot of important information that should be known by everyone, not only for our business students. 💪🏼

Overall, this year has been interesting and very different than I first thought. I’ve been working since the last march remotely, so the part of sitting at home and working didn’t come as surprise but the fact how much more I needed to concentrate during lectures at home came as a surprise. Knitting has become my new hobby, it helps me concentrate during lectures. 🧶👵🏼 The good part about remote studying was that we didn’t need to go to school in winter when it was -21degrees outside. 😂🥶 

I think the important thing while doing group work remotely and overall is to try to be active, you don’t want to be the one who doesn’t participate. Be respectful and listen to each other’s and try to get to the point quickly. Since we don’t see each other too often at this moment the first hour usually flies by just going through how life with everyone is. 🤭

Tips for studying:

1.) Use something (calendar, apps etc.) to organize your assignments and exams by the deadline, remember the deadline is a deadline!! 🆘

2.) We’re all here to learn, so if something is not clear ask your classmates, lecturers, someone who will surely help you out.

3.) In Finnish we have a saying “don’t beat one’s head against a wall.” 😂 So remember to take breaks from studying. If you feel like you need a break, take it and try again after a while.

Written by Emilia Järvisalo
Edited by Nhi Nguyen, IBL 18