Metropolia Business School Internship Stories: Yara Khoshnaw

My internship in Nordea, Oulu.

Hi peeps! I’m Yara and I’ll shortly share my experience with Nordea and my move to another city.

Moving from Helsinki to Oulu for my internship felt challenging at first! I didn’t know anyone from there nor had I been there before. It was my first time living alone as well. But wow – six months went by really fast! I made good friends, learned so much about myself and naturally gained more skills.

My favorite part of my day was scooting to work! Listening to music on my way there and enjoying the constant weather changes… 😆

In Nordea I worked as a customer service advisor. Working in a bank made me realize how important it is to keep track of your spending and how to invest it. Prioritizing your time and focus.

Moving to Oulu has been the best decision I’ve made so far. I genuinely believe that anyone who lives in the big city needs to experience the calm side of Finland, people are so kind and genuine!

Feel free to ask me any questions through my personal account.

Have a good one 🤍