Metropoliabiz Student Vibes: Ari Gali Valls

Photo by: EBA Bgirls

Hello everybody! My name is Ari Gali Valls, a 1st year student in International Business and Logistics. During the time I was serving in the Finnish army, I decided to apply to Metropolia Business School as it offers many different experiences and opportunities during the three and a half years of studies.

My first day meeting my class mates was great. We had good fun and got to know each other really well, even though it was the first day. It was surprising the way we were able to interact with each other so well and so fast. As we all know, Finnish culture is not the most sociable culture in the world, but it wasn’t stopping us. One thing I really like is to see how open minded people are in our course. Different cultures, different languages, different religions, but one big thing in common, we want to learn the same things.

In Metropolia we have many different events around the year. It is real fun, and it is a good opportunity to meet students from other campuses. I do recommend for you all to assist in the school events. For every event you participate in, you receive a patch for your “haalarit”.

 During this first 4 weeks I have been introduced to many new subjects such as Marketing, Business Accounting, Gateway to Business, Economics and many more. It has been interesting taking part to these lessons. A recommendation for all the new students is to be able to keep track in all the tasks given and to do them the day they come. Otherwise if you leave everything for the last day, you might have a stressful day.

The atmosphere in the campus is very good. I personally like staying after class a few times a week with other students to get some assignments done. It is peaceful and quiet and people respects and understands it. The facilities in Myrmäki campus are very good. If you are looking for a gym to workout, there is a good gym here in the campus. If you are looking for books or you need to use a computer, the library allows you to make it happen.

During the second year there is the possibility of getting involved in the Tutors course so you become one. Tutors are the second year students who arrange everything in order to make things easier for the Fresher’s. They are also in charge of the organisation of the “parties” in the start of the Fresher’s semester.