Metropoliabiz Student Vibes: Zhean Zhou

Hello Everybody, I’m Zhean Zhou and I would like to share my hobbies and my first semester at Metropolia Business School.

My relationship with business

Before I came to Finland, I hadn’t taken any business courses, but I started exploring business following my parents. My mother is a professional accountant, while my father operates his own company related to many areas. Even though they haven’t taught me how to do business directly, I have heard many business stories from them when I was growing up, and business has taken root in my heart deeply.

I read the biography of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who is also my favorite businessman. The book allowed me to realize the qualities a successful businessman needed when he started his business empire, such as leadership, paying attention to details, personal supervising and sales promoting. These all encouraged me to step further.

A life that combines hobbies and learning

My curiosity about business drives me to try more and step further. I have noticed that Esports games such as Dota 2, Warcraft, League of Legends are becoming more popular among young people, especially among the young. Esports is not only an ordinary product but also a vast industry. There are huge business opportunities from upstream game development to midstream global game competition, player training, game sales to downstream game peripheral product sales. To realize this business dream, I need to contact people with appropriate resources. First, I contacted Mr. Peter Vesterbacka, the game designer of Angry Birds, the world-famous game, who has graduated from a Finnish university. After hearing my ideas, he encouraged me to go ahead and study business in Finland. Secondly, I discussed my opinions with my father, and he took my advice, combined with his own training resources and factory resources, and started to operate a player training business and game peripheral products business. I believe this is an excellent beginning to enhance my family business.

The beginning of a wonderful university life

After coming to Metropolia Business School, I made friends from all over the world. I also share my hobbies with them all the time in Gateway to Business. I also made a presentation related to Esports. I introduced the world’s esports center which is also my hometown – Shanghai. Then, I analyzed the status of the whole e-sports in the world labor market and the future development trend. At the same time, I also expressed my future employment direction for this career. Ms Louise spoke highly of me after the speech. I also got a lot of applause from my classmates. I’m delighted.

I hope to make full use of the school’s resources in the years of study and life. I will try my best to achieve my career goals.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful university and wonderful major you got! This is the time of “EDG Wins Championship”, and Shanghai has looked to position itself as a global e-sports center with The Shanghai International New Cultural and Creative E-sports Center, I believe you will have great future in the career you are pursuing. Good luck!


  2. ZZ says:

    Wonderful university and wonderful major you’ve got! This is time of EDG wins the championship”, and Shanghai has looked to position itself as a global e-sports center, The Shanghai International New Cultural and Creative E-sports Center . I belive you will have a great future in your pursuing of your career. Good luck!


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