Katarina West: Company visit to Eila Kaisla

Hi everybody! My name is Katarina West and I’m a first year IBL student. I’m going to cover the company visit I made to Eila Kaisla in October 2021. Eila Kaisla is a Finnish company that provides several different staffing reinforcements and employment services in a domestic range. The company was founded in 1971, and they are celebrating their 50th year of providing quality and competent recruitment for temporary and permanent employment. It started as a family business and was founded by none other than Eila Kaisla herself.

Who made it happen

The company visit was organised by Trombi-ry (the student association of Metropolia BBA students) and Hattara (the local association for Haaga-Helia BBA students of business and data processing). When our group of about 15 people arrived at the offices on Mikonkatu, we were welcomed by personnel consultants, team leaders and recruitment officers. Before introducing us to the world of recruitment and its complexities, we were met with beverages and a vast variety of snacks. They even had cinnamon buns that were warm and popcorn as well!

Insight into Eila Kaisla and the workforce

After sitting and settling down with our goodies, the various speakers commenced to present us with introductions and slides supporting information and stats on Eila Kaisla. Individuals told us their stories of how they ended up working there and their previous studies that led them there. Following the presentations, we got into smaller groups and went ahead with small workshops about how to build a CV, a LinkedIn profile and there was also an option of taking your picture professionally to enrich your CV. The workshops were very useful and gave great insight and tips on what to look for in a future employer. Furthermore, the mini workshops gave practical advice on what one should add on their profiles to stand out from the pack, so to speak. The personnel there that day, imparted their wisdom, made recommendations and gave step-by-step advice on several aspects of working life.

Reasons to go on company visits

I highly recommend going on company visits to broaden your outlook on different companies and learn more about the inner workings of diverse work environments. You just might find what you’re looking for work wise and it may pique your interest in a different field of study or work. Once the ongoing global pandemic winds down, there’ll hopefully be many more company visits organized.