Metropoliabiz Students Vibes: Shweta and Zoi

Before applying for studying at Metropolia, Shweta had studied at an International High School in Vantaa.

Although she is now a Metropolia student, Shweta said that Metropolia was actually not her first choice when choosing the university in which to continue her studies. In fact, her intention was to get admitted to Haaga Helia or Laurea because they have a bigger community. Shweta started her studies at Metropolia with the intention to transfer to Laurea, but when she got to know her classmates at Metropolia, she decided to stay aiming to create at Metropolia a bigger community than those in the other universities.

What convinced Shweta to continue studying at Metropolia was the atmosphere and the friendly environment as well as the bound that was immediately established between her and her school mates despite having known each other for a short time.

In addition to be a student, Shweta also contributes actively to Metropolia Business School community. In fact, she is also an international tutor acting as a “mentor” and helping international and exchange students to feel welcomed and to absorb the new cultural and educational system of the university smoothly. Additionally, she was elected as the Vice-Chairman and Head of Marketing for Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society, in which she aims to upscale the entrepreneurial minds in all four Metropolia campuses.

Zoi has completed her high school studies in Greece. For this reason, she is used to live in an international environment. She said that living in a foreign country where the culture and the society are more inclusive has helped her to open and overcome her shyness.

Zoi has applied at Metropolia Business School after taking a gap year after her high school studies. During her gap year, she worked as a graphic design trainee at Helsinki´s Vocational College and Adult Institute. She had a six-month contract, and she chose that field because of her interest on the subject and her plans to continue her studies in that field. Zoi said that the graphic design trainee period was an amazing experience that has helped her to realize that it was not truly what she wanted to study. Her best friend, who is a second-year student at Metropolia in the business field, had introduced her to the school and left her a good impression. Metropolia Business School was Zoi´s first option when applying for university studies, she got accepted, and she said she loves every second of her studies.

Zoi and Shweta together are active in organizing events and gatherings, where international and established students can hang out and socialize.

Last September they organized an event at Paintball Sissos for their fellow BBA freshers. They said that everyone loved the idea and that even their peer tutors decided to join them in what they describe as a memorable experience with great people.  

With the help of their classmates; Carol, Milija and Maxim they also organized a Christmas party (pikkujoulu) for their classmates. In this event there was a Secret Santa, for which they have set a budget of 5 euros per student.

Furthermore, in the spring with their classmates they are planning to rent a cottage so that they can experience life in the Finnish nature. Zoi and Shweta explain that this event will also give an opportunity to international and exchange students to get to know Finnish nature and lifestyle better.

All these activities are advertised through the internal Metropolia Business School WhatsApp chat channel and are open to all students.