Alumni greetings from Singapore

Aliisa Wolf EBA10; graduated 2014

My journey started in 2013 with my EBA internship. At the end of my exchange year in La Rochelle, I was accepted for a 6-month internship in a global IT transformation program. The company, Allianz Technology based in Munich, is the internal IT service provider of the Allianz Group, a global insurance and financial services provider. At the time I didn’t know much about the corporation, but it seemed very interesting.

My boss snapped a photo during our visit to Bangkok office. I was happy as I had just received the welcome drink – a fresh coconut!

I still remember my thoughts when applying: “I want to learn more about project management. If I can survive in a project in IT, which is a black box to me, I can survive anywhere”. With that thought I packed my belongings in a suitcase and took the train from France to Germany.

Fast forward 9+ years, 3 job roles, 2 countries and continents later, I am sometimes surprised to look back at the years and where they brought me. From the 2013 internship I continued to write my thesis with the company, which led me to a temporary contract followed by a permanent one. As a person and professional I’ve grown tremendously. Not only have I learned about IT, the industry and become an expert in my area, but also mastered a new language. My Metropolia German teacher Tim would be amazed to hear me speak today – Servus! Along the way I’ve also had so much fun, met amazing people and developed skills for work and life that I can carry with me always.

In 2020 I transferred to our Singapore branch and have been working here since. It was a dream come true to have a chance to work in South-East Asia and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity with the same employer. In my current role I’m overseeing risk management for the APAC region. The job is super interesting and demanding and although it’s different from my 2013 internship, I still draw from the same foundation I built back then – and even earlier.

Selfie taken from our last team event
Our office building in the central business district (CBD).
Business as usual in CBD in the evening
Singapore’s most iconic building pictured from the Supertree Grove

Best regards, Aliisa Wolf