Tips for a balanced and healthy study-life

A balanced and healthy study-life

Hello everyone! My name is Gabriel Costa, I am a first-year EBA student. I will give you some tips, that were very useful for me, as well as make your student life easier and more enjoyable at Metropolia UAS.

Attend classes

For most people, the easiest and best way to learn is by attending classes, whether online, hybrid or contact lessons, which is essential to show up on time. Teachers usually provide better explanations of topics than textbooks. Sometimes there might be sections explained by the teacher that are not included in the book but might be present in the final exam. Therefore, taking notes in the lecture is important to understand the content and be able to study it individually.

Time management technique

A good study-life balance requires effective time management. It is important to avoid procrastination on an assignment and always try to complete it a few days, or weeks, before the deadline. Procrastinating can increase the risk of stress-related illnesses including headaches, colds, and the flu. Reducing distractions is important, prioritizing projects according to importance, and establishing a deadline to complete your work. My favourite study method is the Pomodoro technique which consists in identifying a task or tasks that you need to complete, setting a timer for 25 minutes, working on a task without distraction and then when the 25 minutes are over you should take a 5-minute break. Repeat this process 3 times and then you can take a longer 30-minute break.

Importance of cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial. Since you will probably be living away from home for the first time, you need to learn how to keep it clean. A healthy and productive study environment depends on decluttering the space where you live or study. Learning how to cook, clean, and run the washing machine can keep you occupied and keep your mind active.

Improve your communication skills

By talking with classmates, teachers, university personnel, and advisers, it will be easier to understand your courses and departmental regulations. Being outside your “comfort zone” will improve you as an individual, expand your point of view, and become a better and more educated person in society. Some universities give their students communication skills courses. If you are struggling with writing or verbal communication, it would be a good idea to enrol in some of those courses. When you graduate from university it will be easier to interact with your future boss and coworkers through the useful courses you have completed in Metropolia.

Speed Reading

There may not always be enough time to complete all your university work since it might sometimes be a bit too much. Speed reading consists of rapidly recognizing and absorbing phrases or sentences on a page all at once, rather than identifying individual words. It is very useful for we students to read brief articles and lesson plans as well as being selective about what articles or academic papers could have important information to include in the assignment or essay, we are working on.

Student discounts

Student discounts are a fantastic benefit that you should take advantage of. Ask about student discounts and learn about all the areas where your ID card may save you money as part of sticking to your budget. These price reductions might apply to anything but the ones I found most useful were school lunches (the meal costs only €3.20), cafeterias such as Espresso house or Starbucks, book discounts and museums (sometimes you can get into a museum for free with a student ID).

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