5 survival tips for EBA and IBL students… even if you don’t know anything about business

For a long period of time, I could not decide in which area I could realize my potential. After entering the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences for the European Business Administration program, I still had some doubts. However, at the same time, I felt that I had made the right choice. After studying here for one semester, I feel that I have matured a lot, discovered myself and the world from the other side, and gained valuable experience for future development. This path was not easy for me, since initially, I knew little about the topic of business. For this reason, I would like to share tips on how to get the most out of your studies at Metropolia UAS and possibly help students with similar problems.

1. Get fully immersed in the learning environment

During classes, you should not only listen carefully to the teacher but also be involved in the learning process. Ask questions, offer new ideas, express your own opinion, and finally, debate with teachers. This will show your interest and help you in your study of the courses. Furthermore, apply the acquired knowledge in practice to develop the necessary skills of research, communication, critical thinking, etc.

2. Get to know everyone around you

Remember that the Metropolia UAS students are guys who came here for the same reason as you, which means that you may have similar outlooks and common goals. However, everyone has a different experience, which makes communication more valuable and rewarding. By getting to know others, you can discover something new for yourself, grow as a person, or even completely change your worldview. In addition, among the people around you, you can find friends for life, future partners, or soul mate. So do not be afraid to make new acquaintances and communicate with students, even if they are not your classmates.

3. Plan your time

The class schedule is very convenient and is designed in such a way that students have time for work, leisure, entertainment, and assignments. Therefore, do not leave all the tasks to the last moment, try to complete them as they become available. This will avoid the accumulation of unfinished work, as well as leave time for yourself. Moreover, prepare for exams in advance in order to remember as much of the necessary information as possible.

4. Do your best

Try to work at your best, consider all the requirements of teachers when completing assignments and pay attention to details (use the Harvard style for references, take information from books from the recommended list, etc.). This is especially true for group work. When working in a group, complete assigned tasks on time, try not to let your teammates down and tune in to achieve the highest result. If you get used to doing the above points, then you will not have problems with productivity in further studies and at work.

5. Attend events and develop after classes

Student unions such as MetES (METES, 2022), Trombi (Trombi, 2022), and METKA (METKA, 2022) often organize workshops or events where they cover various topics in more detail, including those related to business. By attending such events, you can become more knowledgeable and have a good time.

Furthermore, take part in various events as a volunteer. This autumn I volunteered at Eliza Masters Espoo 2022 (Elisa esports, 2022) and met good people, participated in organizing great events and gained valuable experience. It was the brightest event of the autumn, so I advise you to try this kind of activity.

In addition, go to parties to relax, have fun, and get good memories. After all, to study and work well, you need to have a great rest when there is time.


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