Tips on how to schedule your studies and private life

Why it can be useful?

Do you ever feel exhausted about the errands in your private life and deadlines for upcoming assignments? Do you feel like you do not have enough time for anything? And that you should be doing something all the time? Or do you feel like there are too many things to remember and you are afraid you will forget them? Would you like to be organized and up to date with your errands, but sometimes it seems too difficult to achieve? In this blog, I want to share my tips on scheduling your studies and private life, which will also help you to eliminate those uncomfortable thoughts.

I noticed through my first study semester, that if I did not keep up with my studies and daily life errands, sometimes the results were messy. Assignments were made late at night with low quality because days were used for mandatory and sometimes for less important errands. In the worst scenario, I had to cancel meetings I had agreed to go to because I realized too late how close some deadlines were. For preventing this from happening again, I decided to schedule my errands and assignments. For me, the easiest and clearest way to do it was to make my own calendar. On the calendar, I would add my daily tasks to see which days I will have errands and what I need to do. Also, I would add all the upcoming deadlines for assignments. This way, I could see when it is mandatory to study and when I could have free time. Scheduling your assignments and private life can bring you peace of mind because you will have everything in control and do not have to stress about time management. Also, I am pretty sure, that doing this will positively affect your social life and your success in school.

Examples of platforms to use for scheduling your studies and private life

For scheduling your errands, you can use a calendar on your phone, different sorts of calendar apps, or more traditional calendars, such as wall calendars or academic year calendars/weekly planner books. So far, I have personally preferred Microsoft Excel for scheduling my errands, and in this blog, we will focus a little more on that. In addition, with electronic applications, it is much easier to modify your markings, if there comes a change of plans or some deadlines are extended, etc.

Subheading 3: Microsoft Excel as a scheduler

Microsoft Excel is a great platform for creating a base for an errand calendar/weekly planner, or as you prefer to call it. You can make the base for the calendar exactly suitable for your taste. You can edit it to look like a traditional calendar, where every day is shown, and the weeks are one below another. You can make the weeks be in a vertical or linear position. You can display all the days or just weeks, or just show the important dates, or however, you prefer it.

Below is an example of one of the ways how to keep up with weekly deadlines by using Microsoft Excel.

Another example below, with a more traditional calendar view, shows how to keep up with assignments and private life duties.

What is your way of keeping up with life?

The examples of how to keep up with your errands that were mentioned earlier are all functional in my opinion. We all view and think differently, so there are many other ways how to schedule your “life” and how it is the most suitable for you. Some of us do not necessarily need any notes for upcoming events and are not bothered if they sometimes get a little too busy. But do you think that this kind of way of keeping up with errands would suit you or be helpful for you? Give it a try and see if it will affect the flow of your life positively.

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