Volunteering leads to Growing (Yourself and Your Network)

Hi! I’m Kiana, a first-year EBA student. I’m going to talk about my experience in the Slush Event 2022. Slush is a student-led, non-profit movement that was first created to alter perceptions about entrepreneurship. It strives to inspire and support the next generation of ground-breaking entrepreneurs. It has several side events, lectures, networking sessions, and guided workshops. Successful founders, eminent investors, and other key figures in the start-up and IT industries were among the speaker line-ups.

How it all started

It all started when our tutors gave us the idea to join Slush. Actually, I hesitated, but thanks to the tutors, they shared that it was a good and fun experience. That’s when I decided that I would join. While I was waiting if I get accepted, I was nervous because some of my friends had already gotten an email that they were recruited, but thankfully, after how many days, I also got an email that I would be on the Pre-badge claim team. Thanks to Metropolia UAS, especially our tutors, I got to know Slush, which gave me the idea to join and let me experience one of the biggest events for start-ups.

1st picture: This is during the volunteer day when my team and I first met each other.

Insight about Slush and my experience

My experience in slush was an unforgettable one. It was the first time that I felt like I was working like a professional. Many business-minded people are around me, so it was a bit nerve-wracking, but this will be my so-called preparation for the business world. My team, the pre-badge claim, is the first touchpoint to Slush for many attendees and thus plays a vital role in creating a positive customer experience. Our primary responsibility includes ensuring a smooth badge claim process where I first asked for their ID to confirm their identity and then printed their badges. Even though I just did a simple thing, it was a big deal to me. I got the chance to connect with many people, not just with my team but also with people of different backgrounds and nationalities. I was also able to go around the main event with free access. I got to listen to great talks from different founders and see a lot of various innovations that would change the world. These experiences showed me that I could do something even though I am just a student. It inspired me and showed me how far I could go if I am dedicated and just believe in myself. As a business student, this was a life-changing experience because I got to know more about start-ups and the business world.

2nd picture: In this photo is our first shift in the airport, giving wristbands and printing badges for the attendees.

3rd picture: There was a long line, and it was a bit busy since many attendees were arriving at the same time.

Reasons to volunteer

Just like our tutors, I would recommend volunteering in the Slush event because it will broaden your professional network, help you learn new skills, get inspired by the world’s brightest founders, and at the same time, meet new friends. In addition, if you are a volunteer, you have free access to the main event and get a chance to get some free food and stuff from Slush and different companies. You’ll be drawn into this industry by the founders’ talks, the creation of start-ups, and the opportunities. Sadly, I missed some things in the main event but definitely not the next one. I will probably join again in the next slush so see you! Maybe someday we will be the ones managing our own start-ups.

4th picture: This was the last day of the main event. It was taken after we roamed around the main event in Messukeskus.

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