Have student exchange in Germany, will coach basketball

By Joonatan Akkanen IBL This time last year I was in a different situation as I was living in another country, attending a different school and studying in a different kind of environment. Not to mention, I also had the opportunity to coach basketball in the first and the second leagues of Germany. Already in … Continue reading Have student exchange in Germany, will coach basketball


Lessons from Startuplandia

Kasper Nurmi (EBA12) shares what he learned while on placement for a startup in Singapore. So, this story begins in Rennes, France in the beginning of 2016. It was a cold but sunny day, and I felt fed up with my studies, specifically courses in my area of specialisation, finance. After the initial excitement that … Continue reading Lessons from Startuplandia

Pros and Cons of ESC La Rochelle

When We Grow Up

Hello especially Metropolia Business School students!

We remember the time we were suppose to pick our Double Degree destination and the grade of nervosity for if we would pick the best place for us.

First of all, if there’s anything we can help you with, just contact us. We are gladly telling you guys about this place and answering your questions.

We could be writing a book about this place, there’s so much information to share with you. Although I guess it would be too much, so a simple list of pros and cons may work best.

The old port of La Rochelle

So here it goes, let’s start with the good things:

  • No grades for courses lie 100% on exam grades
  • Most of the lecturers are interesting
  • A good faculty for studying HR (where big part of publications comes from and that’s important for keeping the accreditation for the school)

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Visiting the Management Events


Hello everyone!

I would like to tell you a little story about our visit to Management Events in their office in Ruoholahti. The day was Friday 4th March, our teacher in Communication for Global Business was given a chance to visit Management Events and she wanted to take a few students with her to see the place. This was great opportunity for our group, since we are working with Management Events in this project. I remember entering the place with great excitement. The place was beautiful and really cozy, but when we entered the conference room I was amazed. The ceiling above the table was drop dead gorgeous!

We were given two presentations in this conference room by four employees of Management Events. In these presentations we gathered some knowledge about the company and how it works but to find out about those things you need to keep reading our…

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Seven simple steps to increase your productivy in Excel


Do you know, how to chose column or  row quickly, write data inside the row with several lines, add a comment? Today I will reveal secrets of Excel masters.

  1. How to fit data quickly inside the column

In each row of Excel 32 767 signs could be placed. Therefore,  fast function of changing the layout of column by the inside figures is not useful sometimes. Even though, in the majority of cases it is. 🙂 Place mouse cursor jn the right border of the column name and click twice on it, Excel would fit your information accordingly. This trick works with several columns and for the whole list as well.

Быстрая настройка ширины столбца под содержимое в Excel2. How to chose the whole row or column quickly

When you are working with high volumes of information, you cannot avoid using fast functions to increase the speed and make it easier moving, choosing rows and columns. Combination “Ctrl+Spacebar”…

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Managing yourself

By Paulina Putilin, EBA15B Self-management is crucial in today’s working life and business environment in order to be successful. With more and more constantly on our plates, we need to choose what to focus on in order to make ourselves stand out from the crowd more than our competitors. Time management and self-control play a … Continue reading Managing yourself