There is no ethical Company

Sad but true. The aim of every company is to create revenue and there is not a single company in the world that can allow a constant loss or just small profits. We are living in a capitalist economic system which is build around creating surplus for your household, company or nation. The value of…

What is going on in Rwanda today?

Today it will be 18 years after the genocide but the country only started recovering from the impact of this violent bloody conflict. Lets go one step back to the events of 1994 in Rwanda. Trigger of the 100 days lasting genocide was the shoot down of the airplane bringing the current president of Rwanda…

Data jungle against basic human rules

When I was a kid I was taught two things: 1. Everything you can touch is an object. What you can not touch is not an object. 2. What you can not see is not there. Only what you can see is here.

The Iron Lady – Live a Life that matters.

The movie “Iron Lady” was released in December 2011 talking about the first female Prime minister of the British Empire – how much can we learn as business students from this point of view? The production is centred about the price of power rather than on the economical efforts and achievements of Margaret Thatcher.

What is your Top Digital Tool to aid learning?

This week Pertti Vilpas our resident mathematical expert and social media fanatic sent teachers a link to a blog post “Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without”. Checking through the sites it got me thinking what might be missing or perhaps should be in the top 20 as opposed to another…