LOGY Association awards alumnus Maria Yakovleva with scholarship

Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics, LOGY, recognized again the best Dissertation, best Master's thesis and best Bachelor's thesis in the field of purchasing and logistics. Winners were announced and awarded with scholarships at the annual members´ meeting on the 23rd  of November 2017. International Business and Logistics alumnus Maria Yakovleva was awarded for the … Continue reading LOGY Association awards alumnus Maria Yakovleva with scholarship


“For us, skills are more important than diplomas!” An insight from IKEA Brest HR

By: Pierre Rolland, edited by Katja Palovaara Could you describe the job application process in IKEA? "First, we review the CVs of candidates and then we interview them by phone. During this interview, we will focus on a series of concrete points; identify motives for getting the job and working in IKEA. If this interview … Continue reading “For us, skills are more important than diplomas!” An insight from IKEA Brest HR

GroupM Company Visit

GroupM, the world's largest media investment group invited Metropolia Business School students for a company visit. The afternoon in the beautiful penthouse office in Kaartinkaupunki consisted of learning about GroupM, the aspects of being a media house, how the industry operates as well as them offering our students career possibilities. We had a very warm welcome because two of … Continue reading GroupM Company Visit

(Net)Working @ LOGY conference

I was asked by our Senior Lecturer for Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Kaija Haapasalo, in December if I wanted to volunteer for the LOGY conference 9.-10 February 2017. The conference is organised by the LOGY association, a Finnish not-for-profit association of Purchasing and Logistics. I was offered free tickets to the seminar for both … Continue reading (Net)Working @ LOGY conference

Helsinki Financial Club Opening Event

Helsinki Financial Club is a student-led initiative intended to enable students with an interest in finance and related topics to network, develop contacts, and discover more about the possibilities that are available for this kind of career in the Helsinki area and beyond. In the opening event the quest speaker Svetlana Ledyaeva, PhD from Aalto University … Continue reading Helsinki Financial Club Opening Event

CreativeMornings/Helsinki, Breakfast Lectures for the creative community

Not many know about the CreativeMornings concept, especially here in Finland. When the topic was brought to my attention I had no idea what this event was all about. But, as I got to read more about it, I became more intrigued and decided to participate in a CreativeMornings speech in Helsinki. There, I got … Continue reading CreativeMornings/Helsinki, Breakfast Lectures for the creative community

Volunteering at Logy conference

By Liisa Urasto IBL15B Some Metropolia and Arcada students and I had a very interesting opportunity to gain some experience by volunteering at the Logy Conference in February 2016.The whole event consisted of mainly three parts: Orientation The conference at Finlandia Hall The cruise 1 Orientation In the orientation we visited Logy office in Haaga, … Continue reading Volunteering at Logy conference