Smart City Logistics Concepts: an international project in Katowice, Poland autumn 2018

International project on smart cities in Poland


Life after graduation: Menni

Alumni story by: Menni Polón Hello there, My name is Menni Polón. I grew up in the middle of Finland, and spent some years on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, before ending up in Metropolia Business School. In 2013, I started my studies in Metropolia’s Double Degree Programme for European Business Administration. My … Continue reading Life after graduation: Menni

Alumni story: My journey to entrepreneurship

I’m Sandra Lusmägi, a graduate of Metropolia Business School. I started my studies in International Business and Logistics in 2013 and graduated in the summer of 2016. I am from Estonia, a small country very close to Finland, with a similar language and culture as Finnish, but still it was a big decision for me … Continue reading Alumni story: My journey to entrepreneurship

Interview with an exchange student

By Adam EBA16 Q : ‘’Hello could you introduce yourself?’’ A : ‘’Hello, my name is Ahecia Taylor, I am 19 years old, I am from Wolverhampton University and I study International Business Management there.’’ Q : ‘’How has your year in Finland been?’’   A : ‘’More than I expected, the year has been … Continue reading Interview with an exchange student

Have student exchange in Germany, will coach basketball

By Joonatan Akkanen IBL This time last year I was in a different situation as I was living in another country, attending a different school and studying in a different kind of environment. Not to mention, I also had the opportunity to coach basketball in the first and the second leagues of Germany. Already in … Continue reading Have student exchange in Germany, will coach basketball

Pros and Cons of ESC La Rochelle

When We Grow Up

Hello especially Metropolia Business School students!

We remember the time we were suppose to pick our Double Degree destination and the grade of nervosity for if we would pick the best place for us.

First of all, if there’s anything we can help you with, just contact us. We are gladly telling you guys about this place and answering your questions.

We could be writing a book about this place, there’s so much information to share with you. Although I guess it would be too much, so a simple list of pros and cons may work best.

The old port of La Rochelle

So here it goes, let’s start with the good things:

  • No grades for courses lie 100% on exam grades
  • Most of the lecturers are interesting
  • A good faculty for studying HR (where big part of publications comes from and that’s important for keeping the accreditation for the school)

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Exchange Stories – Joëline Studer in Metropolia Business School

Joëlin came from France, more specifically from Universite Catholique de Lyon, to do her six months exchange in Metropolia Business School. During her stay we got to sit down with her and interview her about her experiences of Finland and the MBS. For starters, could you briefly tell us who you are and why you … Continue reading Exchange Stories – Joëline Studer in Metropolia Business School