April Fool!

The question when the first april fool was played remains unsolved. Some say it goes back to the romans who celebrated carnival, other say it is a relic from the 16th century when they changed the calendar so that the first of january is the new years day instead of the first of april. People…

New Metro TV out there!

Enjoy the latest broadcast of Metropolia’s only and unique student TV. This time on TV: Everything about Music and the Spring. Still curious what Metro Tv is about? Check it out!

It’s Not Easy Being Green!!!

Smiles, full tummies and many “Oh, I don’t know what to write”. Those, and many more emotions and exclamations have made up the first Metropolia World Week in Myyrmäki campus today. Students from the Business and the Technology department came together

The Iron Lady – Live a Life that matters.

The movie “Iron Lady” was released in December 2011 talking about the first female Prime minister of the British Empire – how much can we learn as business students from this point of view? The production is centred about the price of power rather than on the economical efforts and achievements of Margaret Thatcher.

Everyday is Greenday

There has never been such a green day as today. The colour green stands for various things. For example there is a green awareness ribbon which stands among other things for environmental protection. Moreover the colour green signifies nature, life, youth, safety and hope. It also represents the start of something new as it is…