Working for yourself for placement

Prativa Bhusal IBL15  3 months placement as CEO of PK Clothing in Helsinki Feb - April 2018 A small number of students choose to work for their own company as their work placement and we in Metropolia do encourage this. Our criteria state that the company must already be established before the work placement starts … Continue reading Working for yourself for placement


Important information from Student Health Nurses

You are not alone It is a beginning of a semester that is going to busy, for nurses too. With the new incoming student from the other campuses, they have roughly about  4 500 - 5 000 student to care of. Since they are new in this campus too, I paid them a visit to get to … Continue reading Important information from Student Health Nurses

Leiritie Campus Renovations update

As we all have noticed, Leiritie campus is going through significant renovations. Editor interviewed Campus Project's communications person Sirpa Rutanen to tell more about current situation, what changes we are looking forward to and what students should consider during this renovations. 1. What is the current situation? The campus extension project has started in September … Continue reading Leiritie Campus Renovations update

Metropolia’s student-professor duo publish article in best selling Strategic Management textbook

By Sandra Lusmägi IBL13 alumna In the autumn semester of 2015  I  attended the course Strategic Management. The professor Daryl Chapman introduced his article about Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, that was published in the course textbook Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases 10th Edition. I was impressed and proud to see Metropolia Business School’s … Continue reading Metropolia’s student-professor duo publish article in best selling Strategic Management textbook

Managing yourself

By Paulina Putilin, EBA15B Self-management is crucial in today’s working life and business environment in order to be successful. With more and more constantly on our plates, we need to choose what to focus on in order to make ourselves stand out from the crowd more than our competitors. Time management and self-control play a … Continue reading Managing yourself

Out with the Old & in with the New

by Bradley Whipp IBL15A Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France (1814) said “an army marches on its stomach” and this statement still resonates today but not only in military sphere but in all forms of human activity. In academia various studies have found that students’ performance is based on, among other things, their quality of diet … Continue reading Out with the Old & in with the New