Logistics placement in Thailand at Damco

By Parichat Homchant I had a change to interview Parichat Homchant,  4th year IBL student from Thailand who just returned from her placement in Thailand, and now shares her experience with us. What was the motivation for you study in Metropolia? Well, actually I wanted to study in Finland due to its educational reputation and … Continue reading Logistics placement in Thailand at Damco


Internship in SAP in Barcelona, Spain

By  Liisa-Brett Sonnenberg Since the first year in Metropolia Business School, I always felt how our professors were encouraging us to take challenges by participating in international projects, going for an exchange or completing internships abroad. Well, I can say that they were successful with me, because I followed all their recommendations and after every challenge, … Continue reading Internship in SAP in Barcelona, Spain

Month-end at IKEA Oy Service Office Finland

By Christian Partanen There is a very predictable cycle in accounting that dictates your workflow called month-end. It is the processing of transactions, journal entries, and financial statements at the end of each month or period as we call it. This is important because the purpose of month-end is to define the status of the … Continue reading Month-end at IKEA Oy Service Office Finland

My internship at quintly in Cologne, Germany

By Kaisa Nauska Me ending up to my internship placement at quintly in Cologne, Germany, was a series of chaotic events in my personal life. Luckily, my internship at quintly turned out to be the best experience in my life, both professionally and personally and I got an opportunity to deepen my knowledge of digital … Continue reading My internship at quintly in Cologne, Germany

Work Placement in the University of Hertfordshire

By: Regina Smirnova EBA14 "I completed my work placement as a Study Abroad Assistant in the University of Hertfordshire, in Hatfield, United Kingdom. I found the advertisement for this job published on the intranet of my exchange year destination, therefore I would advise to keep an eye on both Metropolia and Partner Institution publications regarding … Continue reading Work Placement in the University of Hertfordshire

Alumni Story: From MBS to world’s biggest media investment group

My name is Linda Pitkänen, I am 28 years old business graduate from Metropolia Business School. I started my business studies at Metropolia in 2013. The line where I studied was called “European Management” but nowadays that has become one with “European Business Administration”. My studies covered variety of courses from digital marketing to business … Continue reading Alumni Story: From MBS to world’s biggest media investment group

Best tips on finding an internship!

Finding an internship is not an easy task. Whether you are going to Finland, Brussels or Hong Kong, the struggles are real. The editor interviewed current and former students  about their internships to find out how to find that dream internship! The interview questions are: 1) Where are you doing your internship? 2) How did you find it? 3) Any tips for students how to find an internship? Juulia Lius, EM14.  1) I’m doing my internship at UNI Europa in Brussels, Belgium.  It is a trade union federation representing European trade unions  in the private services sector.We do a lot of cooperation with other  trade union federations as well as different European institutions,  such as the European Commission and the European Parliament. 2) I found my internship through family connections but I did have to write an open application. In that I introduced myself,                  my studies  (especially my fields of interest) and why I would like to  work at UNI Europa. 3) If you have a specific organisation/company in mind but they don’t have any openings for internships, just send an open  application in anyway. If you express enough interest  and qualifications, it is more than possible to get in (such as the intern who was here  before me!). If you wish to apply to UNI Europa, be sure that you are interested in  the trade union movement, as well as politics and other EU affairs. Alan Alvarez, IBL14 1. I completed my internship for a company called One Eyed Spirits in … Continue reading Best tips on finding an internship!