Congratulation to the Winners!

Almost two weeks ago, all the people attending the Metropolia World Week had the chance to win prizes. Either you had participated as a cooking team, at one of the three campuses,  and have been voted best by all the people trying your food. Or you send in your photo or video for the Erasmus…

It’s Not Easy Being Green!!!

Smiles, full tummies and many “Oh, I don’t know what to write”. Those, and many more emotions and exclamations have made up the first Metropolia World Week in Myyrmäki campus today. Students from the Business and the Technology department came together

Everyday is Greenday

There has never been such a green day as today. The colour green stands for various things. For example there is a green awareness ribbon which stands among other things for environmental protection. Moreover the colour green signifies nature, life, youth, safety and hope. It also represents the start of something new as it is…

The Clock is Ticking

Happy St. Patrick Day to everyone. Get out your good mood and green clothes. Enjoy the day like the Irish and party. Best part: no school or work tomorrow, so there is nothing keeping you from spending the day with your friends and celebrate.

Make a Wish!

Dear Students, To make the World Week as appealing as possible we need your help and input. We give you the opportunity to play songs that best represent your country. Alone or with friends decide which 7 – 10 songs represent your country of origin best (e.g. Spain choses Macarena etc.).