Working for yourself for placement

Prativa Bhusal IBL15  3 months placement as CEO of PK Clothing in Helsinki Feb - April 2018 A small number of students choose to work for their own company as their work placement and we in Metropolia do encourage this. Our criteria state that the company must already be established before the work placement starts … Continue reading Working for yourself for placement


My internship at quintly in Cologne, Germany

By Kaisa Nauska Me ending up to my internship placement at quintly in Cologne, Germany, was a series of chaotic events in my personal life. Luckily, my internship at quintly turned out to be the best experience in my life, both professionally and personally and I got an opportunity to deepen my knowledge of digital … Continue reading My internship at quintly in Cologne, Germany

“For us, skills are more important than diplomas!” An insight from IKEA Brest HR

By: Pierre Rolland, edited by Katja Palovaara Could you describe the job application process in IKEA? "First, we review the CVs of candidates and then we interview them by phone. During this interview, we will focus on a series of concrete points; identify motives for getting the job and working in IKEA. If this interview … Continue reading “For us, skills are more important than diplomas!” An insight from IKEA Brest HR

GroupM Company Visit

GroupM, the world's largest media investment group invited Metropolia Business School students for a company visit. The afternoon in the beautiful penthouse office in Kaartinkaupunki consisted of learning about GroupM, the aspects of being a media house, how the industry operates as well as them offering our students career possibilities. We had a very warm welcome because two of … Continue reading GroupM Company Visit

Becoming Metropolitan!!!

What does it take to become a Star? Being a star at Metropolia is not impossible. It takes perseverance, the right attitude and drive. Once those character traits are united in a person, the shaping to be one of the Metropolitans can begin. As every year Metropolia gives 75 bright and determined students to chance … Continue reading Becoming Metropolitan!!!

Job search goes Social

I am pretty sure every one of you has already written job applications.  You print your application letter, your CV, all the recommendations you have and even your grades. After ensuring that there are no stains or dog-ears, you put them into the special, patted envelopes and send them to the company. Now comes the time of … Continue reading Job search goes Social

Admission for Finnish only!

We just accept students who are fluent in Finnish. That is the response I have, probably, received from 50 recruiters or more, since I am looking for an internship in Finland. I am originally German-speaking and I just started learning this very hard language some months ago, and by now I am able to introduce … Continue reading Admission for Finnish only!