Working for yourself for placement

Prativa Bhusal IBL15  3 months placement as CEO of PK Clothing in Helsinki Feb - April 2018 A small number of students choose to work for their own company as their work placement and we in Metropolia do encourage this. Our criteria state that the company must already be established before the work placement starts … Continue reading Working for yourself for placement


Logistics placement in Thailand at Damco

By Parichat Homchant I had a change to interview Parichat Homchant,  4th year IBL student from Thailand who just returned from her placement in Thailand, and now shares her experience with us. What was the motivation for you study in Metropolia? Well, actually I wanted to study in Finland due to its educational reputation and … Continue reading Logistics placement in Thailand at Damco

Internship in SAP in Barcelona, Spain

By  Liisa-Brett Sonnenberg Since the first year in Metropolia Business School, I always felt how our professors were encouraging us to take challenges by participating in international projects, going for an exchange or completing internships abroad. Well, I can say that they were successful with me, because I followed all their recommendations and after every challenge, … Continue reading Internship in SAP in Barcelona, Spain

Month-end at IKEA Oy Service Office Finland

By Christian Partanen There is a very predictable cycle in accounting that dictates your workflow called month-end. It is the processing of transactions, journal entries, and financial statements at the end of each month or period as we call it. This is important because the purpose of month-end is to define the status of the … Continue reading Month-end at IKEA Oy Service Office Finland

One Night Stage – organizing a charity music event

By Ramona Suonio IBL16 A 2nd year Managerial Communications course includes a student driven project with endless possibilities. Our group ended up organizing a charity event where the profits were donated to a Finnish charity Hope ry. The event was named One Night Stage, with five live artists from different genres such as classical, rock … Continue reading One Night Stage – organizing a charity music event

Research for Trafi

By: Katja Palovaara Interview with Tayyab Iqbal, an IBL student who conducted a research project for Trafi, Liikenteen turvallisuusvirasto. 1) First of all, can you tell what you are studying and which year? I am Tayyab and I am a student from Pakistan studying for my final year in International Business and Logistics at Helsinki … Continue reading Research for Trafi

Work Placement in the University of Hertfordshire

By: Regina Smirnova EBA14 "I completed my work placement as a Study Abroad Assistant in the University of Hertfordshire, in Hatfield, United Kingdom. I found the advertisement for this job published on the intranet of my exchange year destination, therefore I would advise to keep an eye on both Metropolia and Partner Institution publications regarding … Continue reading Work Placement in the University of Hertfordshire