Pick a teacher to make uncomfortable

The blog needs your help to decide which teacher to interview! Did you always want to find out more about Michael Keaney. Why did he move to Finland? Is there actually anything he's never criticised? What about his personal life? Or... maybe you prefer to get to know Kevin McIntire better, he is a relatively new teacher from … Continue reading Pick a teacher to make uncomfortable


Why am I born in Beirut?

As promised the Metropolia Blog Team took the opportunity to interview Marko Korkeakoski, director of the International Degree programmes. Despite his fear of the coming questions, he was brave enough to stay and take on the challenge of answering - not matter what the questions were related to. Being a storyteller - or not? - … Continue reading Why am I born in Beirut?

Party for Charity

Once again students of MBS got together to organize a charity event. This time you are invited to party for the education of girls in Africa. The reason for the charity is the simple evidence that "Education can change everything". In sub-Saharan Africa, 24 million girls can't afford to go to school. A girl may … Continue reading Party for Charity

A NEWSletter as a form of Permission Marketing

Definition Permission Marketing: Marketing centered around obtaining customer consent to receive information from a company. Trusting Seth Godin permission marketing "turns strangers into friends and friends into costumers". And the permission marketing guru uses his principles as I found a page offering the first 4 chapters of a book of him for free in exchange … Continue reading A NEWSletter as a form of Permission Marketing

Make Marko Uncomfortable!!!

Metropolia Blog will give you the chance of your life, to ask any question you like to our Director Marko. Some of you remember him writing his Travel Diary about travelling the world. Responses to those articles have been so high, we want to give you more to read about him than just his travel … Continue reading Make Marko Uncomfortable!!!

It’s Not Easy Being Green!!!

Smiles, full tummies and many "Oh, I don't know what to write". Those, and many more emotions and exclamations have made up the first Metropolia World Week in Myyrmäki campus today. Students from the Business and the Technology department came together in the spirit of "Global Citizenship" and Education. For the first time business students … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green!!!