Best tips on finding an internship!

Finding an internship is not an easy task. Whether you are going to Finland, Brussels or Hong Kong, the struggles are real. The editor interviewed current and former students  about their internships to find out how to find that dream internship! The interview questions are: 1) Where are you doing your internship? 2) How did you find it? 3) Any tips for students how to find an internship? Juulia Lius, EM14.  1) I’m doing my internship at UNI Europa in Brussels, Belgium.  It is a trade union federation representing European trade unions  in the private services sector.We do a lot of cooperation with other  trade union federations as well as different European institutions,  such as the European Commission and the European Parliament. 2) I found my internship through family connections but I did have to write an open application. In that I introduced myself,                  my studies  (especially my fields of interest) and why I would like to  work at UNI Europa. 3) If you have a specific organisation/company in mind but they don’t have any openings for internships, just send an open  application in anyway. If you express enough interest  and qualifications, it is more than possible to get in (such as the intern who was here  before me!). If you wish to apply to UNI Europa, be sure that you are interested in  the trade union movement, as well as politics and other EU affairs. Alan Alvarez, IBL14 1. I completed my internship for a company called One Eyed Spirits in … Continue reading Best tips on finding an internship!


GroupM Company Visit

GroupM, the world's largest media investment group invited Metropolia Business School students for a company visit. The afternoon in the beautiful penthouse office in Kaartinkaupunki consisted of learning about GroupM, the aspects of being a media house, how the industry operates as well as them offering our students career possibilities. We had a very warm welcome because two of … Continue reading GroupM Company Visit

Tips for Internship

Liis Hainla is a Metropolia Business School student studying European Management. Liis completed her work placement in a digital marketing firm called DreamGrow Digital. Liis agreed to share a part of her Placement Portfolio where she gives out recommendations for students interested in DreamGrow and marketing in general, as well as gives 5 tips on … Continue reading Tips for Internship

Internship – Sandra Lusmägi at Turbiini Startup Accelerator

My name is Sandra, I am a former International Business and Logistics student from Metropolia Business School. I started school in 2013, and graduated in June 2016, one semester early. I did my internship at Turbiini Accelerator. Turbiini is a startup accelerator located in Aviapolis Vantaa, Finland, they offer innovation services for companies, such as … Continue reading Internship – Sandra Lusmägi at Turbiini Startup Accelerator