5.4.2016 14:33 Michael Keaney              Dear international degree programme students

Many thanks to everyone who helped us during the entrance exams. It always makes such a difference when applicants can see the enthusiasm and commitment of our students as they compare the merits of the various study options they are contemplating. As always, many applicants told us how impressed they were with the “vibe” that seems to exist in our school, and how they would very much like to be a part of that.

This experience was all of our values – membership, partnership, citizenship and ambassadorship – in practice. Like we said in our opening sessions, showing each applicant how much all of us care about the continuation of our community’s values and traditions communicates a very powerful message. It has been our experience that even when applicants are unsuccessful, some return the following year because they are determined to gain entry to this school.

This year was particularly interesting because for the first time applicants were forced to apply to universities and polytechnics/UASs together, instead of separately as before. How will UASs fare in the competition with research universities for applicants? Metropolia Business School’s international degree programmes will be fine, based on the evidence we gathered last week. The quality of the applicants was high, and we can be more confident now that each applicant is seriously considering studies here at our school, rather than just trying to maximise the chances of a study place anywhere.

Another significant point concerns the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. Time and again we were told by applicants how they had heard about how good things are at Metropolia, because they have friends or relatives studying here. This kind of communication is much more effective than expensive advertisements promising all kinds of fun but forgetting to say anything about the actual studies on offer.

Altogether, as an exercise in communication, our entrance exams allow us to apply a broad range of techniques that enable applicants to leave with a strong impression of how we work together. We could not do that without your help, so once again we would like to give you a big Thank You.

Marko & Michael