Party for Charity

Once again students of MBS got together to organize a charity event. This time you are invited to party for the education of girls in Africa. The reason for the charity is the simple evidence that "Education can change everything". In sub-Saharan Africa, 24 million girls can't afford to go to school. A girl may … Continue reading Party for Charity


TV made by Students

Did you ever wonder what is happening at other campuses? Are there things happening that you don't know about because you are at the wrong place? Did you know Metropolia has a theatre group? When you are one of the students getting too little information on Tuubi or through teachers, you should definitely watch METRO … Continue reading TV made by Students

Rumour: Finnish punctuality

At least from a German point of view, the Finnish cannot be punctual. Of course things like punctuality are subjective and depend on individuals but after all, studying abroad confronts you with different perceptions of time. “Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, … Continue reading Rumour: Finnish punctuality

Sitting in the Sink

was something I fortunately never had to experience. Well, maybe I went into the same trap many students did before and might do after me. A very wise teacher explained the right position of presentation materials in a room and we figured that with the setup in some rooms, as a presenter you sometimes would … Continue reading Sitting in the Sink

Do you remember…

how to attract and retain the interest of your audience? Teachers say you have to be inspirational, appeal to their emotions and make them laugh. Unfortunately most teachers aren’t able to live up to those concepts. So why not turn to some professionals, who attract our interest almost daily, the movie industry. This Sunday you … Continue reading Do you remember…

Movies – More than just lame Pastime

Who doesn't like going to the movies? Comedies, thrillers, popcorn and no thinking about the content. That's what cinema means to the majority of the people and students. Why not make a trip to the movies somewhat more educational. Finnkino starts a series of Opera broadcasting of the famous Metropolitan Opera in New York City. … Continue reading Movies – More than just lame Pastime

Logistics Seminar and Contact Forum

HOW ABOUT LOGISTICS? CAN YOU SOLVE THE PUZZLE? Welcome to the seminar and Contact Forum organized by the Finnish Freight Forwarders´ Association, its member companies and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Enjoy lectures and career path stories held by professionals and come to the Contact Forum to discuss the recruitment and trainee issues and other … Continue reading Logistics Seminar and Contact Forum