Stockholm Rollercoaster.

Unfortunately, the amusement park of Stockholm opens in the earliest in may and most of the museums are closed on Mondays. Nevertheless we did not even missed the snow of Helsinki as it started snowing around midday in addition to the cold wind and temperature. The ones following the theme of the cruise “Pirates of…

Stockholm Calling!

You want to explore Stockholm within a day? You want to have fun with your friends and do sightseeing at the same time? Here is the Checklist for you Stockholm trip: (Do not forget to change money.) a a a

Rumour: Finnish punctuality

At least from a German point of view, the Finnish cannot be punctual. Of course things like punctuality are subjective and depend on individuals but after all, studying abroad confronts you with different perceptions of time. ‚ÄúTime is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it,…

Make a Wish!

Dear Students, To make the World Week as appealing as possible we need your help and input. We give you the opportunity to play songs that best represent your country. Alone or with friends decide which 7 – 10 songs represent your country of origin best (e.g. Spain choses Macarena etc.).

Call for Action

METROPOLIA WORLD WEEK WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY? Dear Students, As part of the Metropolia World Week the Metropolia Business Blog would like to start a series of posts leading up to the event. For this series we need your help.