Hoping around Europe for Easter

Are you excited for the weekend? It is Easter again. But why only exercise the same traditions as every year? Why not celebrate French Easter this year. Or do some Semana Santa? Let’s get inspired by the many traditions around Europe and make this year’s celebration special.

April Fool!

The question when the first april fool was played remains unsolved. Some say it goes back to the romans who celebrated carnival, other say it is a relic from the 16th century when they changed the calendar so that the first of january is the new years day instead of the first of april. People…

It’s Not Easy Being Green!!!

Smiles, full tummies and many “Oh, I don’t know what to write”. Those, and many more emotions and exclamations have made up the first Metropolia World Week in Myyrmäki campus today. Students from the Business and the Technology department came together

Stockholm Rollercoaster.

Unfortunately, the amusement park of Stockholm opens in the earliest in may and most of the museums are closed on Mondays. Nevertheless we did not even missed the snow of Helsinki as it started snowing around midday in addition to the cold wind and temperature. The ones following the theme of the cruise “Pirates of…

The Finland Diet

January and February are the months were most people stick to their New Year’s resolution. A very prominent one: dieting. To aid those really determined ones, the former senator responsible for financial issues proposed a diet, in 2008, which only costs 4.25 € a day. Although his idea wasn’t exactly meant for weight losers, but…