Staff Profile – Daryl Chapman

Daryl Chapman, a senior lecturer in management at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences tells how he ended up in Finland and furthermore into Metropolia. “Like most foreigners, I didn’t necessarily plan to come to Finland. I travelled with a friend to the island of Kos, in Greece in the late 1980’s. There, we met … Continue reading Staff Profile – Daryl Chapman


Staff Profile – Senior Lecturer William Simcoe

We sat down with senior lecturer William Simcoe and let him tell briefly about himself and how he ended up in Metropolia. “I went to school in Harlem in the 1970s. After high school, when I was eighteen years old, I worked as a professional drummer for Broadway shows and musicals. I started to burn … Continue reading Staff Profile – Senior Lecturer William Simcoe

Staff Profile – David Clifford

David Clifford is a lecturer in finance and management in Metropolia. When David had just joined the teacher’s team in the autumn of 2014, we dropped by his office one rainy afternoon and gave him the opportunity to briefly introduce himself. A Houstonian by nature, David got his BBA in Finance at the University of … Continue reading Staff Profile – David Clifford

Staff Profile – Adriana Mustelin

The year 2015 introduced a new lecturer, Adriana Mustelin, to Metropolia Business School. Adriana is originally from Uruguay and has been living in Finland for 20 years. Her academic background is in social psychology. She has been teaching Spanish to adults, French in primary school and is now teaching Spanish here at Metropolia Business School. … Continue reading Staff Profile – Adriana Mustelin