Metropolia Charity Campaign 2016

It all started when Mr. Greene, our lecturer of the Digital Marketing course, gave us this wonderful opportunity to run the Metropolia Charity campaign as part of our campaign project for this course. Our aim for this project was to raise funds to be able to purchase Christmas gifts for the children in need in … Continue reading Metropolia Charity Campaign 2016


Tips for Internship

Liis Hainla is a Metropolia Business School student studying European Management. Liis completed her work placement in a digital marketing firm called DreamGrow Digital. Liis agreed to share a part of her Placement Portfolio where she gives out recommendations for students interested in DreamGrow and marketing in general, as well as gives 5 tips on … Continue reading Tips for Internship

Staff Profile – Daryl Chapman

Daryl Chapman, a senior lecturer in management at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences tells how he ended up in Finland and furthermore into Metropolia. “Like most foreigners, I didn’t necessarily plan to come to Finland. I travelled with a friend to the island of Kos, in Greece in the late 1980’s. There, we met … Continue reading Staff Profile – Daryl Chapman

Partner University – University of Hertfordshire

Hatfield Hatfield is a small town located approximately 30 kilometers north of London. Hatfield’s history is rooted back in the Saxon period and its historical background is noticeably visible in the town’s architecture. There are two main supermarkets in Hatfield in addition to an outlet mall, restaurants, an art gallery and a cinema. Since Hatfield … Continue reading Partner University – University of Hertfordshire

Internship – Sandra Lusmägi at Turbiini Startup Accelerator

My name is Sandra, I am a former International Business and Logistics student from Metropolia Business School. I started school in 2013, and graduated in June 2016, one semester early. I did my internship at Turbiini Accelerator. Turbiini is a startup accelerator located in Aviapolis Vantaa, Finland, they offer innovation services for companies, such as … Continue reading Internship – Sandra Lusmägi at Turbiini Startup Accelerator

Internship – Margit Kikkas in Estonian Embassy

Margit Kikkas is a former Europian Management student, originally from Estonia. She did her internship of six months in Berlin, Germany, in the Estonian Embassy. We got to sit down and talk and interview her about her placement. Here is what she said: “I have completed my internship at the Estonian Embassy in Berlin. As … Continue reading Internship – Margit Kikkas in Estonian Embassy

Internship – Bronson Metsänen in Lufthansa Cargo AG

During the spring semester of my 2nd year at Metropolia Business School an opportunity presented itself in the form of an internship. Through the social media networks that were created through the different degree programs (IBL, EBA, & EM), a particular post caught my attention. It was from a former EM Alumni member who was … Continue reading Internship – Bronson Metsänen in Lufthansa Cargo AG