Hoping around Europe for Easter

Are you excited for the weekend? It is Easter again. But why only exercise the same traditions as every year? Why not celebrate French Easter this year. Or do some Semana Santa? Let’s get inspired by the many traditions around Europe and make this year’s celebration special.

Tallinn in 3 Hours

Helsinki was founded in 1550 for one simple reason: it is 80 km away from Tallinn. And you know “the white church”, the nucleus of Helsinki city? That area was originally called Vironniemi (Eng. Estonia’s Peninsula). Separated by sea & soviet-occupation, but associated by language & culture, these nations even refer to each other as veljeskansa/vennasrahvas (Eng. brethren nation). So at least a day-trip to Tallinn is a must during your exchange period. Estonia-native Kristiina Rüütman thought of ways to spend the three hours after your alcohol purchases, before the ferry departs back to Helsinki.